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Last updated: Apr 26, 2024

Convert RAW to NTFS in 2 Steps

This article is dedicated to painful theme RAW disk and how to change it into NTFS.

Questions like these are wide common: "How can I repair RAW to NTFS?", "What should I do to format RAW to NTFS?", "NTFS changed to RAW - what to do now?", "How to recover RAW hard drive to NTFS?", etc.

Anyone, whoever had RAW signs on his device, knows that desperation and panic.

But worry no more! All these questions have answers and here they are!

Are you ready to deal with your RAW disk? Let's read!

Reasons why you need to format RAW to NTFS

You may encounter any of the following situations and in each of them you must change RAW to NTFS.

  1. 1. You receive a message like this:
  • “The disk Z is not formatted. Do you want to format it?”
  • “An error occurred at the attempt to access the disk Z. The disk Z is not formatted.”
  1. 2. The CHKDSK tool is completely unavailable for RAW disks.
  1. 3. The file system for your storage media (partition, external hard drive, SD card, etc.) is detected as RAW.

Step One. Save files from RAW before converting

Before attempting to format RAW to NTFS by any method, you must first restore the files that are on the storage device. More than 80% of these files can be damaged due to correction of the RAW disk.

So the best thing you can do first is to use DiskInternals Partition Recovery to extract the data. This software will restore the real file system (only in the software; in reality file system stays intact), which in turn will be a good start for retrieving data.

DiskInternals Partition Recovery tool will return photos, videos, e-mails, music, important documents and other files, no matter what size they are.

The software works with all versions of Windows.

The free trial version is easy to use. DiskInternals Partition Recovery has a recovery wizard especially to assure you that you can recover files without any additional assistance. The free preview feature will help you to check if your files are recoverable. As soon as you make sure that Partition Recovery suits you completely, purchase a license to be able to save your files.

Tip: recover data partition with ease!

Step Two. Change RAW to NTFS

Now that you are not afraid of losing the data that is on the storage media, you can proceed to recover a RAW partition to NTFS.

You can use any of the following methods.

1. Change RAW to NTFS using Disk Management.

Find This PC / My Computer on the desktop and right-click on it. Then select “Manage” -> “Disk Management” and find your RAW storage device (SD memory card, hard disk, USB flash drive, etc.) among the volumes and right-click on it. Select the format and the file system (NTFS).

Click OK.

Use Disk Management to convert RAW to NTFS.

The long-awaited RAW to NTFS recovery will begin. The NTFS file system will be created.

After you restart your computer (or remove and reconnect the portable storage device), your new NTFS file system should work fine.

2. Repair RAW to NTFS using File Explorer.

Open the File Explorer, find and right-click on the RAW disk.

Select Format -> choose the NTFS file system.

Click OK. That’s it.

Use File Explorer to format RAW in NTFS.

If this method for some reason does not fit or did not help, there is another good option.

3. Format RAW to NTFS using Diskpart.

To do this, run a command prompt as administrator, enter diskpart and hit Enter.

Then type list disk. Hit Enter.

You will see a list of all drives.

Enter select disk z where z is the disk number of your disk that contains the RAW partition. Click Enter. Next, enter clear. Press Enter. This procedure will delete all partitions on the logical disk.

Now you need to create an active partition. Type Drive M format fs = NTFS. Replace M with the drive letter of your RAW disk.

Press Enter. This will start formatting and converting a disk from RAW to NTFS. Do not forget to restart the computer and RAW section.

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