Recover data from VMFS disks or VMDK images

DiskInternals VMFS Recovery™ offers a safe, easy way to recover information stored on VMFS-formatted disks or VMDK (virtual disk image) files. Like any other storage media, virtual drives created by VMware® can get damaged by software or hardware failures. Bad blocks and physical corruption of HDD/SSD drives, which keep virtual disk images, can also cause issues. DiskInternals VMFS Recovery™ is the first commercial product developed by the independent software vendor, capable of reading and recovering VMFS-formatted disks VMDK files.

VMFS Recovery™ can recover data from healthy or corrupted virtual disk images created by VMware® vSphere, ESX/ESXi Server, in fully automated mode. VMware employs VMFS, the proprietary file system to store virtual machines, and VMDK format of virtual disk image files. DiskInternals VMFS Recovery™ supports both of them for a rapid recovery of files and folders.

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Recover all types of issues with any RAID arrays

Recover corrupted RAID arrays in a fully automatic mode. DiskInternals RAID Recovery™ is the first tool on the market which automatically detects the type of the original RAID array while still allowing for fully manual operation. RAID Recovery™ is a highly valuable tool for all types of RAID arrays, whether its hardware or software.

  • RAID JBOD, 0, 1, 1E, 0+1 and 1+0
  • RAID 4, RAID 5, 50, 5EE, 5R, 6, 60
  • RAID-enabled motherboard from NVidia, Intel, or VIA
  • Adaptec, HP, MegaRAID, Dell, Silicon RAID Controllers
  • DDF compatible devices
  • Microsoft software RAIDs (Dynamic Disks)
  • Apple and Linux software RAIDs (NAS)
  • All features of Partition Recovery™ and Uneraser™ are included

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An expert at recovering lost partitions

Data loss – these are terrifying words, but now you have a reliable antidote that restores everything that can be restored. DiskInternals Partition Recovery recovers deleted, lost, damaged or reformatted partitions, virtual disks, including files and folders. In most cases, corrupted MBR or GPT are repaired. Get your data back!

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Do you need to get back your files?

Uneraser™ recovers any deleted or lost file: including documents, pictures, videos, music and zip files, or even folders on corrupted SSD, HDD, flash drives, memory cards, microSD/miniSD/SD/MMC cards, memory sticks, USB drives, and more. No special skills required. 100% FREE preview of recovered files.

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Recover encrypted files and folders

Diskinternals EFS Recovery recovers encrypted files and folders from NTFS/EFS partitions quickly and easily. Fully automated EFS (Encrypted File System) recovery is now possible on any PC running Windows. Diskinternals EFS Recovery does not compromise the security of protected information it recovers: you will still need to enter your original account password in order to gain access to protected data stored on the encrypted volume.

  • Windows XP - 10 support
  • Windows Server 2003-2016 support
  • Recovery from damaged EFS partitions
  • All features from Partition Recovery included
  • All features from Uneraser included

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Undelete and repair all kinds of MS SQL databases

Recover Microsoft SQL databases including those stored on formatted, re-partitioned, and inaccessible disks. MSSQL Recovery features automatic, semi-auto, and manual recovery modes, allowing extracting data from databases with corrupted or missing structures. Semi-auto and manual modes are available to experienced database administrators, allowing them to manually re-create database structures if the file system is unavailable.

MSSQL Recovery offers a visual pre-recovery preview. BLOB preview is also available for pictures, text, and office document data types.

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Accidentally deleted videos or pictures?

Video Recovery™ is software that restores almost any corrupted or deleted video files and pictures. Even data lost due to hardware malfunction or after formatting. Practically any type of HDD, SSD, cards, USB sticks, and other media storages is supported. 100% free play of recovered videos.

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Automatic or manual MySQL database repair

Recover and repair MySQL databases in auto or manual mode. Supporting MyISAM and InnoDB database formats. DiskInternals MySQL Recovery can automatically locate and recover deleted databases and files stored on damaged, formatted and inaccessible disks using Ext2/Ext3, exFAT, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, APFS, and HFS/HFS+ file systems. Corrupted databases can be repaired in a fully automatic or in manual mode. Severely damaged and partial InnoDB files can be reconstructed in manual mode.

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Recover corrupted Microsoft Access databases!

Undelete, recover and repair corrupted Microsoft Access databases in just a few clicks. DiskInternals Access Recovery repairs corrupted Access databases. The software undeletes or recovers Access 2000-2007 MDB and ACCDB database files from damaged disks. DiskInternals Access Recovery reconstructs the entire structure of a database by splitting the database to records and assembling them back into a working database.

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Recover deleted MS Office, Outlook, Access, OpenOffice, LibreOffice files

Recover the latest versions of deleted documents even after a hard drive failure or format. Unlike general-use undelete and data recovery tools, DiskInternals Office Recovery scans the entire media storage (HDD, SSD etc.) in order to locate all correspondent MS Office, Outlook, Access, OpenOffice, LibreOffice files, using a set of unique signatures of those file types. Moreover, you are welcome to locate important documents with powerful filters. No need to know full file names, just a few words of the text inside are enough. 100% free preview of recovered files.

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Recover and repair emails in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Vista Mail, Thunderbird, and The Bat!

When instead of folders crammed with mail you get an error message, their importance of received emails comes forth with increased sharpness. Whatever happens to your emails, there is no need to worry. Mail Recovery™ is a software that can fix it and bring back valuable items of your correspondence. DiskInternals Mail Recovery™ scans email accounts for damages and restores their contents whenever possible.

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Recover mail and repair Outlook databases

Recover email and repair damaged Outlook databases completely automatically. DiskInernals Outlook Recovery restores your access to email after a hard drive failure or data corruption. It recovers messages, contacts and appointments from damaged email databases, and locates and recovers database files that have been deleted or missing as a result of disk corruption.

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Access to Ext, HFS, UFS, ReiserFS, APFS from Windows

DiskInternals Linux Reader is a popular Windows software for providing access to non-windows file systems. Use a familiar interface that looks like Windows Explorer for extracting files and folders from Ext2/3/4, HFS, HFS+, UFS, ReiserFS/Reiser4, APFS file systems. The only type of access possible here is a read-only mode. It prevents you from interference with Linux and guarantees its stable work.

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Recover lost/corrupted files on CDs and DVDs

Just finished burning CD or DVD, only to find out that some files appear to be corrupted or inaccessible? Blackout while recording data? This solution will recover files from CDs and DVDs, including multi-session ones. CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVR+R, DVD-RW, DVR+RW, and DVD-RAM disks are supported. DiskInternals CD-DVD Recovery recovers any type of files - data, video, music, etc. The product supports ISO 9660, UDF, and Joliet file systems.

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Fully automatic recovery from damaged or corrupted NTFS drive!

DiskInternals NTFS Recovery is a fully automatic software that recovers files from damaged or formatted drives. Smart wizard scans the disk and restores the original structure of files and folders.

Helpful for all occasions: accidently formatted drive, corrupted drive, inaccessible drive, drive not booting, corrupted or damaged partition.

No special skills required. 100% FREE preview of recovered files.

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