RAID Recovery™ 6.4Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays
RAID Recovery™ 6.4
Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

Raid Recovery Software for RAID Arrays

RAID arrays in various configurations are widely used to enhance the computers' reliability or performance. But what if one or more disks get corrupted, broken or physically damaged? While there is no lack of data recovery tools on the market, recovering data separately from each disk that used to work in an array will cause more problems than good.

Even if everything is fine with the disks, there is one more chain to get problems: the RAID controller. RAID controllers and disk arrays are not interchangeable, meaning that you cannot just plug an array from an Intel controller to an NVidia motherboard. Same goes for hardware upgrades. You are either stuck with a certain manufacturer in a hope of maintained RAID compatibility or are forced to back up and restore your data before transferring an array.

If the disks and the controller are working perfectly, but there was logical damage to the file system, partition table or other system records, you may be unable to access the disks from Windows. Again, single-disk data recovery tools will probably cause more damage to the disks or plain fail to operate on a RAID configuration.

Recover Data from RAID Arrays

If your disk array is somehow broken, or the data is damaged, your choice of recovery tools is limited. Many RAID data recovery tools are designed to be used by data recovery professionals, are difficult to get by with no previous experience, and cost fortunes.

RAID Recovery software by DiskInternals is one of the most automated and easiest to use tools on the market. Recover corrupted RAID arrays in a fully automatic mode. RAID Recovery is also the first tool to automatically detect the original RAID type among those supported. Recognized types of arrays include RAID 0, 1, JBOD, RAID 5, and 0+1.

RAID Recovery recovers your data from the corrupted disk array, saving the files onto a backup media such as another hard disk, recordable CD or DVD, or over a network. If you are about to use the array the way it was, RAID Recovery repairs the damaged RAID to its original working configuration.

Hardware, Native and Software RAID

RAID Recovery recognizes and supports many popular RAID controllers, including dedicated RAID boards, built-in motherboard chipsets from NVidia, Intel, and VIA, and various software configurations. Latest version works with Adaptec RAID Controllers and DDF compatible devices Microsoft Dynamic Disks are an example of a fully supported software RAID, including JBOD (span), RAID 0, 1, and 5 configurations.

Easy RAID Recovery software

Recovering multiple hard drives connected into a RAID array is no more difficult than repairing a single disk. RAID Recovery features drag-and-drop user interface to allow dragging and dropping the disks to assemble the original array. Don't worry about the order of disks, and forget about the technical stuff such as array type, stripe and cluster size as RAID Recovery detects these parameters on its own.

Using advanced algorithms to locate your files and documents, RAID Recovery recovers office documents, digital pictures, and multimedia files even in case of severe corruption.

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