RAID Recovery™ 6.5Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays
RAID Recovery™ 6.5
Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

How to perform RAID 01 data recovery

Here you would find out:

  • what is RAID0+1 array
  • what are the data loss reasons in RAID0+1
  • is there any peculiarities in RAID01 data recovery

Are you read? Let's read!

What is RAID01 (RAID0 + 1)

This type of array takes the good sides of RAID 0 (striping of data) and RAID 1 (data distribution by mirroring). To create such an array requires 4 or more disks, but the number must be even. The read and write speed is excellent and is no different from RAID10. RAID 01 uses only half of its total capacity to store data in order to provide high fault tolerance. The remaining half of the volume is designed to recover from disk failure.

Therefore, the array can continue to work even if more than 2 disks have become unusable. If you do not look at the cost of such an array, then it is quite suitable for work in any field.

RAID0 + 1 data loss reasons:

Unfortunately, there are many reasons for the loss or damage of the array, but they can be combined into several main groups, such as:

  • The human factor: Accidental removal, inattention, and other human problems. All these can happen at any time; the main thing in this situation is to quickly navigate and find a wise decision.
  • Damage to your hard drive or multiple drives. Here, too, there may be logical errors, bad sectors, defective disk, mechanical damage, expired service life, etc.
  • Server damage due to virus infection, incorrect disconnection from the network, user errors, etc.
  • Damage to the physical components of the server, namely; the controller, motherboard, power supply, and other parts.

What you shouldn't do:

There are some tips, which will help you avoid losing data from the array forever.

If your array is damaged, do not use chkdsk and other similar utilities. In this case, they will only harm, but not restore the array. Using these applications, you will lose access even to the remaining files forever, since the file system will be inevitably damaged.

In no case, do not repair damaged disks and arrays yourself, most likely you just delete all the information on them.

Do not allow the correct order of disks to disappear in the array.

RAID 0 + 1 data recovery with DiskInternals

With DiskInternals RAID Recovery, you can create a disk image and recover your data!

The program at the highest level supports both manual and fully automatic determination of important and basic parameters, such as array type, RAID controller type, strip size, and disk order. You just need to select your RAID drive and the RAID Recovery will automatically assemble the RAID array, which will allow you to recover your documents, images, and multimedia. You can store any recovered files on another hard drive or partition, use virtual disks or even upload files via FTP. But before export, a file preview function is offered, and this does not require a cent from you.

In addition, as mentioned above, you can also quickly create a disk image and store it for future surprises. It is a very wise thing to have.

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