RAID Recovery™ 6.4Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays
RAID Recovery™ 6.4
Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

RAID Recovery Services

Are you working with big data or are you a company owner? The problem of losing all your data at once is common. Backing up all your data on flash drives or tapes isn’t the way to go anymore.

Nowadays, as technologies move forward, taking care of your data has become easier. RAID (Redundant Array Of Independent Disks) is a perfect solution. The main principle of RAID is storing your data on many discs, making them work as one.

Moreover, this technology can increase the speed of reading data and security. But the key point is the ability to recover your data in case it is corrupted or gets lost. Find the list of RAID recovery services here.

What Are The Important Types Of RAID Servers that exist?

There are two common ways to set up RAID - using hardware and software. The hardware RAID is custom, but the price of such RAID array can be higher. The software RAID cost less, but you need to rely on drivers, etc. It’s up to you which RAID to use; with DiskInternals RAID recovery services you have a good chance to restore your data from any type of RAID.

Take into account that RAID Recovery services by DiskInternals keep source data intact. The software reads data from faulty RAID and stores them into a separate location. No changes are made to the source.


The RAID 0-6 Array recovery process

The process that the RAID recovery services offer depends on the level of your RAID and your tech skills. If there are a failure and corruption of crucial information, call the professionals.

If you have the redundant RAID type where all the data is accessible, replace the disc and rebuild an array. If you are unconfident about the order of the drives, or you have some hot spares set up, call the professionals. Do not reinitialize your system in case you are not sure about something.

RAID Recovery Server Levels

RAID has different main types of arrays, the numbers of which are 0, 1, 5, 6, 10. RAID 2, 3, 4, 7 levels also exist, but they are not as popular. RAID 10 recovery is the trickiest one, but the Diskinternals offers RAID recovery services, making the RAID 10 recovery easier.

Secure Data Recovery and RAID Recovery Services

The recovery process should be done responsibly because random RAID data recovery leads to the impossibility of restoring. You need reliable and well-known software that has great recommendations. The best example is the DiskInternals RAID Recovery.

Data Recovery RAID for All Server Configurations

Most companies offer RAID drive data recovery for every server. For example, the DiskInternals company offers data recovery on the Compaq, HP Netserve RAID, Dell PowerEdge RAID, Sun StorEdge, MAC Xserve RAID or an OEM RAID boxes you have. The tools discover the configurations to make the QNAP RAID recovery effortless.

RAID Recovery Software by DiskInternals

RAID recovery can be made in automatic or in manual mode. The DiskInternals company will make the process of recovery easy and fast.

Better to avoid dedicated customer support coming with your RAID because they hardly can resolve any problem. The tools made by the DiskInternals company were built for those who want to recover the RAID in a fast and reliable way.

An automated recovery process will run without the participation of anyone, while the manual mode allows for recovering your disk simply by drag-and-drop.

RAID Server Arrays Storage

The storage of RAID server arrays is kept on numerous hardware disks to keep performance speed and reliability high. To plan the storage arrays, you should hire a specialist who can give some recommendations about the best way to store your data.

RAID Array Hard Drive Architectures

So, let’s talk about the way RAID levels are built up:

  • RAID 0 is the level without parity or mirroring, so if the disk is corrupted, all the data gets lost. Formally this is not a RAID level.
  • RAID0
  • RAID 1 is only mirroring, without parity or striping. All the data is contained on two hardware disks. This is reliable because if one disk is corrupted, the data stays on the second one; but this is not very economical. In fact, you can buy one disk at double the price and make a simple data backup on the second one.
  • RAID1
  • RAID 2 contains striping on the level of the bits; also it uses the Hamming code to correct errors. RAID levels 2-5 can work if one drive fails.
  • RAID 3 has striping on the level of bytes and parity is dedicated.  
  • RAID3
  • On RAID 4 striping is on the level of blocks and parity is dedicated. 
  • RAID4
  • RAID 5 has block-level striping with distributed parity.
  • RAID5
  • On RAID 6, there is block-level striping with some double-disturbed parity. It can work in case of two drive failures and the minimum number of drives is four.
  • RAID6

RAIDS 0-1 have the minimum number of disks - 2, RAIDS 2-5 - 3, and RAID 6 needs four disks to be used. They all need different approaches to recovery.

More About RAID 0-6 Recovery Services

Across the Internet, there are a lot of recovery services. Most of them offer data repair for RAID 0-6 and every company has its own approach to data recovery.

But the common thing is, when the corruption of your data happens, you should contact some company, for example, the DiskInternals, and don’t touch anything. Just hold tight until your data is recovered automatically. If you experience any problems with the preparation process, contact us.

DiskInternals RAID Recovery also does RAID repair for Linux

If your data relies on Linux software RAID, finding the company who can help with data recovery can be even more complicated. But there is the tool from DiskInternals which makes Linux RAID Recovery a managed task.

When You Need to Use a RAID Recovery Service?

You need to use the RAID Recovery Service in case your data is corrupted or deleted or if the QNAP RAID Recovery failed. Also, you need data recovery if the servers that stored your data failed. Don’t worry, recovering your data can be made easy and fast with the DiskInternals.

Start to repair your data

To start the RAID array data recovery, simply install RAID Recovery software offered by the DiskInternals and run in automatic recovery mode.

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