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Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays
Last updated: Sep 12, 2022

Guide: Microsoft Windows Server

In this article you will find out:

  • how to work with Microsoft Windows Server
  • how to protect your data

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About the Server

Before we start working safely with Windows Server, let's figure out what it is. If you mean Windows Server specifically, then it’s a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for the purpose of using them on a server. In this case, the servers are very advanced and powerful devices for normal and stable functioning, providing resources for other PCs and laptops. Basically, Windows Server is used in the realm of business settings.

For reference, Microsoft released Windows Server on the market in April 2003 under the Windows Server 2003 brand. But before 2003, Server versions of Windows were available to users. In particular, Windows NT 4.0 was used by both workstations and servers. And most importantly, you do not need to worry about Windows Server since it is not sold in stores or in the Microsoft Online store.

Server and Windows OS Comparison

When you start your work with Windows Server, you will surely have questions about how to distinguish Windows Server from regular versions of Windows. Since the desktop is on the monitor screen, the taskbar and the icons and the Start button look the same.

All this is due to the fact that each new release of the version of Windows Server fully corresponds to the user version of Windows. For example, we can take Windows Server 2003, which is also the server version of Windows XP. As of today, Windows Server 2016 is the server version for Windows 10, and Windows Server 2019 corresponds to the custom version 1809 of Windows 10.

With a common codebase for Windows Server and Windows, users can perform the same functionality on both versions. For example, downloading and installing various software such as browsers and photo editors are available to function on Windows Server, and programs such as Notepad are also available on Windows Server.

Server Limitations

As a rule, few users worry about the maximum amount of RAM that can be placed on their PCs or laptops. Therefore, most users have no more than 32 GB of RAM on their computer. Believe it or not, however, a 64-bit installation of Windows 10 Pro allows you to expand your memory up to 2TB of RAM. Surprisingly, Windows Server can support up to 24 TB of RAM. Moreover, Windows Server uses up to 64 CPU sockets to run, while Windows 10 Pro uses only two.

All of the above data underscores the fact that the Server must be extremely powerful to ensure the smooth operation of critical data for hundreds of users in the business. For an illustrative example, we can give a server on which dozens of virtual machines are running, which certainly require large amounts of OS for successful smooth operation at the same time. Consequently, Windows Server is not limited to physical hardware. Therefore, large companies, after purchasing several physical servers, open a large number of virtual machines on them. This helps in the normal operation and performance of various functions using Windows Server.

Protect Your Data!

To protect your array data, you can simply download DiskInternals RAID Recovery and very soon export any recovered files to a suitable device. This application is constantly being improved and has not stopped achieving this level of success for over 15 years. Satisfied customers constantly use DiskInternals services and highly recommend this application to their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. The application recovers data mainly from Windows, Linux, as well as from Apple, NAS and UNIX. You can recover data from arrays of various levels: RAID 0, 1, 0 + 1, 1 + 0, 1E, RAID 4, 5, 50, 5EE, etc. The function of creating a disk image without assistance and completely free of charge is also available.

At the beginning of the journey, you can activate the Wizards and feel more confident and relaxed while recovering data. Any questions that you may have can be addressed with the technical support service after obtaining a license. By the way, you can buy it at any time of the day on the company's website and thus get even more features and options.

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