RAID Recovery™ Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays
RAID Recovery™
Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

How to Recover RAID Partition Easily

Here you will find out:

  • what is RAID Partition
  • how to restore RAID partition
  • how DiskInternals can help you

Are you ready? Let's read!

What is RAID Partition?

RAID is a unique data virtualization technology in which two or more physical basic disks (or SSDs) are combined into a logical module in order to increase performance and/or fault tolerance. Each disk has its own partitions. Thus, a RAID partition exists only on each drive, and when you say a RAID partition, you are thinking of a hard disk partition.

Why RAID partition may be lost

These can be the most diverse reasons:

  • The number of bad sectors exceeded the allowable amount.
  • Damage to the partition by viruses, worms, and malware.
  • Voltage drops during the execution of tasks on the disk will also damage the sectors.
  • If the controller detects a problem on one of the disks, it gives an error, as a result of which the partition is damaged.
  • Incorrect replacement of a failed disk in the array and incorrect configuration settings can also damage the partition.

One way or another, you still have a chance to recover inaccessible data. The main thing is not to hesitate with this matter and choose the right data recovery application.

How to restore RAID partition

As mentioned above - a RAID partition is a hard disk partition. In this case, recovering RAID Partition is possible using the universal DiskInternals Partition Recovery application. The program has high potential and provides a deep section scanning so that no file is skipped. It is also possible to convert the selected file system for a detailed analysis of the contents of the disk partitions. There is no need to worry about recovery limits. Here, you can restore up to 1 Pb of data, which is almost infinity if you agree. Also, after scanning, you can see each found file in reader mode for free.

Then comes the acquisition of a license directly on the company's website and the subsequent storage of data in the necessary space.

How to restore RAID array

In this case, the previous application will not be enough; you need DiskInternals RAID Recovery. This is a specialized application aimed at restoring arrays, where the current state of the RAID array, controller, file system, and disks are checked automatically.

The program uses the latest algorithms in operation, which allow you to restore your documents, images, and multimedia. In this case, you do not need special technical skills because the Recovery Wizard automates recovery as much as possible. DiskInternals RAID Recovery supports all known arrays: RAID 0, 1, 0 + 1, 1 + 0, RAID 4, RAID 5, 6, 50, 5EE, 1E, 5R, RAID 6, RAID 60 and even JBOD. Any limitations of Windows are not a hindrance; they are bypassed.

For more confidence, use the step-by-step guide for this application:

Download DiskInternals RAID Recovery from the official site and install it on your computer.

Next, run the program and open the Recovery Wizard - if you are confident in yourself, you can not use it.

The program will automatically detect arrays and select the one that will be susceptible to scanning.

Next, select the recovery option: Uneraser, Reader, or Recovery.

Wait until the results are displayed and view them for free.

The last and most exciting step is to acquire a license and export the recovered data to a safe place.

Now, you can be congratulated. You did it!

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