RAID Recovery™ 6.5Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays
RAID Recovery™ 6.5
Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

Mdadm RAID 1 not activating a spare disk. What to do now?

Here you will find out:

  • what is mdadm Spare disk
  • what errors lead to mdadm RAID 1 is not activating the spare disk issue
  • when DiskInternals can help you

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What is mdadm Spare disk?

This is a disk that is inserted into the array, which is constant but is not used to a certain point. When one of the drives dies, the spare wheel is activated in the array, while the data is independently copied to this disk. After replacing a damaged disk in the same automatic mode, data are redirected from a spare to a new disk.

Why is the spare disk not activating?

Basically, mdadm RAID 1 is not activating the spare disk due to a specific error.

This may be as a result of:

  • Read errors during synchronization. In this case, replacing the disk will make it possible to avoid synchronization errors and activate the disk.
  • I/O errors, while I/O errors near the end of the disk are a rational option.

It is also worth noting that mdadm RAID 1 not activating can occur due to:

  • Bad sectors on the disk of a drive.
  • Damaged and incorrectly connected PATA / SATA port, cable, or connector of a drive.

If the spare disk is not activating - what to do first?

Before you start doing anything you find on the Internet, it’s better to worry about data integrity. Use DiskInternals software, such as Linux Reader, to read files from mirrored RAID or RAID Recovery to create a disk image and recover data from a failed disk.

Each of these applications on a professional level will worry about every lost file of any format. Thanks to the wizard, you won’t even notice how quickly and accurately the painstaking work of recovering data from damaged arrays was done. Using DiskInternals products, you are completely safe because you do not need to pay a dime to see the recovery result. Only exporting data that you are satisfied with will require a license.

Also, when working with the RAID Recovery application, be sure to follow these instructions:

Download, and then gradually install the application on your computer.

Left-click on the wizard button in the welcome window.

Follow the prompts of the assistant and select the basic options for recovery (array, file type, etc.).

Left-click on the scan (quick or deep).

Purchase a license to finish recover data, and then export it to a selected medium.

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