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Recovers all types of corrupted RAID arrays

How to Work With Microsoft SQL Server Express

In this article you will find out:

  • how to work with Microsoft SQL Server Express
  • how to protect your data

Are you ready? Let's read!

About Microsoft SQL Server Express

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2 Express is a data management system that provides extensive data storage for lightweight websites and desktop applications at no cost. That is, you can use SQL Server Express in the Azure cloud by installing on an Azure virtual machine (VM) to develop small server applications. In addition, Microsoft® SQL Server® Express can be used for any production database that is equal or smaller than current SQL. If necessary, this system can be upgraded to any paid version and use additional functions.


You can take advantage of the following benefits and features of SQL Server Express:

  • Automatic installation of updates to schedule a maintenance window
  • Automatic database backup to blob storage

When installing on a SQL Server virtual machine, you have three options to limit the connection:

1. Local (from virtual machine)

2. Public (from the Internet)

3. Private (from virtual network)

  • Rest encryption or Azure Disk Encryption
  • RBAC has built-in roles to control access to Azure resources such as SQL Server virtual machines and SQL Server database instances


SQL Server Express has certain limitations that you must consider:

  • The amount of memory used by the database engine is up to 1 GB
  • Database size must be up to 10 GB
  • Buffer cache must reach a maximum of 1 MB
  • CPU less than four cores, and the number of user SQL connections is NOT limited

Protect Your Data!

If you need to rebuild a RAID of any level or recover files from an array, only use DiskInternals RAID Recovery. This professional software automatically detects the required parameters and configurations for your array. It then performs an automatic deep scan of the entire RAID array and recovers data where possible.

There is an intuitive built-in Recovery Wizard. This tool is suitable for both amateurs and beginners. In addition, all users who have installed and used this application have access to free preview of all found data before recovery.

Before downloading the application, read the step-by-step instructions:

Install DiskInternals RAID Recovery on your computer (you can run the recovery wizard if necessary).

Select the specific array to scan and the disk scan mode (shallow or deep).

Then wait a bit and you'll get amazing search results on your monitor screen. You need to review them for free and make sure the data integrity and the quality of recovery.

Now you buy a license agreement for DiskInternals RAID Recovery and then export the data indefinitely to any other disk using the Export Wizard.

Technical support has been present for a year since the purchase of a license for DiskInternals RAID Recovery - that's another great news. You can always use this function when you have questions in the process of recovering data from an array.

The disk imaging function is also present in this application and every customer can use it free of charge.

As you can see, this application does an excellent job with its purpose, so there is no doubt that it’s the right choice.

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