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Recover deleted images and videos instantly!

Recover deleted videos YouTube

YouTube is the world’s biggest platform for sharing videos in this day and age. There are millions of videos on the site.

But... What if your video is lost on YouTube?

Yes, that may happen. But don't worry!

In that article, you will find out:

  • reasons for deletion video
  • 4 practical methods to recover deleted video files on YouTube
  • software for video recovery

Why YouTube videos can be deleted

YouTube is an independent social media platform that has its own rules and regulations. If you’re an active uploader, then you should know about the policy for YouTube videos. More often than not, lost YouTube videos are caused by users breaking the website’s terms and conditions, which prompts the videos to be taken down. However, other reasons for lost YouTube videos can be user negligence, Google account-related issues and more.

Recover deleted YouTube video

Here are the reasons why you could lose YouTube videos:

  1. 1. Videos get deleted by YouTube and you can no longer access your YouTube video files or YouTube original video files. The question “Can I recover deleted videos from YouTube?” arises in this condition; if YouTube takes down your videos for any reason, such as copyright violations or inappropriate content, and you don’t have a backup saved on your computer, you cannot directly access the YouTube original video files.
  1. 2. Deleting your Google account. In case you have to recover deleted videos on YouTube, then knowing whether your Google account has been deleted or not can help. If you delete your Google account, you cannot access your YouTube video files.
  1. 3. Accidental deletion. In case you’ve accidentally deleted original video files from your channel and have lost YouTube videos, then you can recover deleted YouTube videos. That kind of deletion is permanent, but you can upload the video again, if you still have it on your computer.

If not? There is still a something that you can do — keep reading.

As you see, how you lose YouTube videos makes a difference. But anyway, it is worth it to try to recover YouTube video files.

4 Ways to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

There are a few ways to get back YouTube original video files and your lost YouTube videos. They range from contacting YouTube to ask for backup files, all the way to recovering files using recovery software.

Here are the top ways:

  1. 1. Use YouTube support

This method is a relatively drawn out way of getting your videos recovered, but it can help recover deleted videos on YouTube. There are some conditions, though: you need to have a YouTube channel with at least 10,000 views, or you need to be in the partnership program. In order to contact support to get your original video files, use this method:

  1. 1.1 Sign into your YouTube channel and click “Help”.
  2. 1.2 Click on “Need more help” and move to “Get Creator Support”.
  3. 1.3 Choose Email Support from the sub-categories and click the “contact the creator support team” link if needed.
Method 2: use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Using these steps, you will be able to recover deleted YouTube videos from

If you have a relevant URL that belongs to a lost video:

  • Go to and paste the URL of the deleted YouTube video into the search field. Click on Browse History.
  • This brings up the YouTube video add history, wherein you can discover movies with the respective uploaded date. Recover deleted YouTube videos using this method by downloading it.

If you don’t have the relevant lost YouTube video URL:

  • Sign in to your account on YouTube. You need to get information related to previously uploaded videos.
  • Find the information about the deleted YouTube videos. There will be information about the URL.
  • Use the algorithm above.
Method 3: Recover from Backup:

In order to recover deleted videos from YouTube using backups and get your original video files, you can go with the backup method for data recovery. The simple way is to pull the video up from your backup and upload them to YouTube again. But what if you can’t restore a lost or deleted video with the backup?

Well, in order to recover deleted YouTube videos from your PC, you can use DiskInternals Video Recovery™.

Method 4: Recover Using DiskInternals Video Recovery™
  • 1. Launch the DiskInternals Video Recovery™ tool and click on the software recovery wizard.
  • 2. Click on the location where you deleted your YouTube original video files and start scanning.
  • 3. After the scanning, you will be able to preview the videos, before recovering them. Just right-click and select “Preview”.
  • 4. After that, save the files that you’ve selected to completed the recovery process. To save files, you need to purchase a license.

Recover your YouTube videos!

It’s important to be able to recover video, and now you know how to do it. You can try all these methods to bring back your lost or deleted video. DiskInternals Video Recovery™ can be an irreplaceable helper for you if you’re looking for the original video on your PC that you may have deleted accidentally. You will be able to restore your lost or deleted video and upload it to YouTube again.

Get DiskInternals Video Recovery™ now and make your life easy!

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