Video Recovery™
Recover deleted videos and pictures almost instantly!
Recover deleted videos and pictures almost instantly!

Detection of Adult Content with Video Recovery™ by DiskInternals

They say: You never know…

We answer: You always will!

Have you ever wondered whether there is or was something on your computer that you have no idea about? For example, some photos you are not supposed to see. Adult content – two words that are a nightmare of parents all over the world. Internet became a worldwide source of information. Unfortunately, adult content is a part of it. We try to do everything to protect our children from any information connected with sexual life. We know that it will undoubtedly enter their lives but our task is to not to let it happen before it becomes appropriate. We are to explain to them the beauty of it and try to protect our children from its dirty side most Internet sites with adult content exploit. There is one thing you should always be sure of – even if your kids somehow manage to find this kind of photos on the Internet you will always know about it and will have a chance to talk with them before it has any bad effect.

DiskInternals Video Recovery will help you. Initially developed as a flash memory file recovery tool for digital camera owners DiskInternals Video Recovery can undelete and restore photographs in a matter of seconds or minutes. This is how you can either make sure no adult content was saved to your computer and then deleted or find and restore it if it was.

There are two more ways how DiskInternals Video Recovery can help you find out the truth:

  • A folder containing adult content files can be protected with a password. In this case, DiskInternals Video Recovery simply ignores all the restrictions and shows ALL photos and videos.

  • Another variant is the case when adult content was viewed via the Internet but not saved to your computer. Any browser has cash where all the viewed data is saved. Even if this cash was cleaned up DiskInternals Video Recovery will restore all the “lost” data and let you have a look at the photos viewed by your children while they were surfing the Internet.


DiskInternals Video Recovery also allows you to apply filters to the data it finds. As its initial wide sphere of usage allows you to find virtually any graphical information, we would recommend that you apply "*.jp*" filter so that you will finally have only photos to look through and to check for adult content. An advanced user will surely find filtering option really convenient as it is very helpful in case you need to find some definite file or group of files.

DiskInternals Video Recovery allows you to choose, for example, whether the program should show lost (deleted) files or/and existing files. You can also apply size filter where you can either choose from several variants or set the exact parameters yourself. One more way you can filter DiskInternals Video Recovery results is by categorizing items according to their type - photos, RAW photos, movies or any other custom file mask you wish to apply.

DiskInternals Video Recovery does not simply find all the visual files on your disks including deleted and lost ones but it also provides you with the handiest filtering system – a strong magnet that will help you find any needle in any haystack.

Use DiskInternals Video Recovery

And … Be Sure.

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