Remote RAID Recovery

We are happy to offer a remote data recovery service to help you deal with broken RAID arrays.

Fixing data corruption on a single hard drive can be difficult. Attempting to repair a broken RAID array without professional skills can be a matter of pure luck.

We remove the guesswork from data recovery jobs. Our highly skilled specialists backed by many years of expertise in data recovery and RAID recovery will take care of your issue.

You won't need to buy any tools or install any software other than the free Microsoft Remote Desktop (comes with most Windows versions) or TeamViewer.

You don't need to go through the trial and error process of reconstructing a failed RAID or attempting to extract information. There will be no risks of data loss involved.

Let the professionals do the job for you. Book our Remote Data Recovery Service and let us do our best to get your data back!

RAID Remote Recovery Service

In order to enable remote RAID recovery, please do the following:

  1. Connect all disks comprising the RAID array to a Windows PC and enable access to that computer via TeamViewer
  2. The disks must be visible as individual devices and not assembled into a RAID array
  3. Our specialist will connect to your computer and perform preliminary analysis. For a limited time, we are offering free estimates.
  4. We'll recover the RAID structure and display a preview of recoverable data.
    We charge a fee of $300 plus $150 per disk in the RAID. We don't charge anything if we cannot recover the data.
  5. We'll save your data after receiving the payment.

Return customers eligible for discounted fees.

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