Remote Recovery Outsourcing

Service by the original developers of RAID and Vmfs Recovery

We provide data recovery services remotely to help you fix failed RAID arrays and extract as much data as theoretically possible. We work directly on your computers over a secure Microsoft Remote Desctop or TeamViewer session.

Our RAID and Vmfs Data Recovery tools are market leading. We know exactly how to use them, and we can unleash their full potential with no time wasted on learning and trying.

The service is provided by the original developers of RAID and Vmfs Recovery. We don't outsource our services, and you'll be always dealing with us directly. Rest assured we'll be using the right tool in a right way to do a perfect job.

We don't know who your customers are, and we don't charge your customers. We operate on a fixed price list; you may charge your customers your own service fees. Our prices are listed here. If you become a regular customer, we'll be happy to offer you a discount.

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