Virtual Disks Make Data Recovery Accessible

DiskInternals updates its range of data recovery products with new convenience features. The new Virtual Disk feature allows mounting entire disks and partitions complete with all recoverable files and folders to a new drive letter, making it possible to access, open, preview, and transfer recoverable files from any Windows application including Windows Explorer. Virtual Disk support added to DiskInternals Uneraser, RAID Recovery, and Partition Recovery products, the company brings the convenience and accessibility of data recovery to a new level.

Virtual Disk enables computer users to make use of familiar applications to recover files and folders, as well as entire disks and partitions. DiskInternals makes it possible to mount only certain recoverable files or the entire partition or hard drive onto a new drive letter accessible from all Windows applications including Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, as well as various file managers, image viewers, and audio players.

Users can mount only a sub-set of files as a Virtual Disk, or create a drive letter for a damaged, corrupted, or otherwise inaccessible hard drive or partition instantly, no matter how many files are selected or how big the corrupted disk or partition is. Virtual Disks take no disk or memory space and can be of any size. Virtual Disk makes it possible to access recoverable files and folders directly from all Windows applications. It is even possible to share a Virtual Disk over the network to access recoverable files directly from another PC.

By accessing files and folders directly from Windows Explorer, users can view, open, and edit lost and deleted files as if they were located on an ordinary hard disk. It is possible to copy all or certain files from a Virtual Disk by using Windows Explorer or a third-party file manager, upload files to an FTP server with one of the many FTP applications available, preview images with thumbnails with an image viewer, access email messages, and do just about anything that can be done with ordinary files on an ordinary disk. The support of Virtual Disks once again brings DiskInternals data recovery products ahead of the competition.

Virtual Disks are available as a built-in feature in DiskInternals Uneraser, RAID Recovery, and Partition Recovery products. Free evaluation versions are available at the company's Web site.

About DiskInternals

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