NTFS Recovery
Recovers files from corrupted or formatted NTFS drives
Recovers files from corrupted or formatted NTFS drives

Why Do NTFS Compressed Files Get Lost and What Can You Do About It?

Modern NT-based systems work with compressed files in a special format. These NTFS-compressed files are more complicated to recover than regular file folders. Compressed files take less disk space than the usual files. NTFS-compressed files use the same algorithm as ZIP archives do and thus they can store more information on less disk space.

What if your hard drive is the only location of your photos, music, email and other compressed files? Thus, Windows should ask an existential question: "To send or not to send… an error report?" Even though an NTFS file system promises automatic recovery of its compressed files, it's better to have a backup plan.

If there are problems with accessing folders and compressed files, NTFS Recovery™ helps to overcome drive system failures and undelete NTFS files. Even when the drive has been reformatted, it is still possible to recover most of its content. DiskInternals Research offers NTFS Recovery™ to undelete NTFS files and keep personal involvement at a minimal level. A self-explanatory wizard will guide you through all the steps of NTFS recovery. Follow 'the white rabbit' of a wizard, and in the end, you will undelete NTFS files without any losses.

How To Recover NTFS Files With DiskInternals Data Recovery Software

Don't say "It will never happen to me". It happens with every PC user once. No need to panic, though. Be prepared and you'll have a chance to get your data back.

NTFS Deleted File Recovery

NTFS Deleted File Recovery is a fully automatic utility that will try to recover deleted NTFS files. You don't need to have any special knowledge of disk recovery to recover deleted NTFS files.

The "Recycle Bin" icon on your Windows desktop allows you to recover deleted files NTFS. Unfortunately, often, this tool is not enough to recover deleted NTFS files. Here are a few examples of where it is impossible to recover deleted files from NTFS with the Recycle Bin:

  • A disk volume containing valuable info is damaged due to a system malfunction
  • A disk volume is damaged due to a dangerous virus
  • Windows cannot access a disk drive
  • Disk has physical damage
  • Reformatting a disk volume
  • Files or folders are not readable
  • Corrupt or damaged partition table

You can lose data without the possibility of recovering deleted files from NTFS if you overwrite it. Windows versions starting from 7 use NTFS tools. NTFS is an advanced disk formatting system that has useful features such as built-in ways to undelete NTFS files. DiskInternals NTFS Recovery™ is a tool that allows you to undelete files from NTFS or even recover whole volumes.

Undelete NTFS Files From a Reformatted Hard Drive With NTFS Recovery™

Losing data is a nightmare, especially if you work with large volumes of information. It’s good to have backups, but if you have reformatted an NTFS drive and are looking for a solution, Diskinternals has a product for formatted hard drive recovery. You can perform an NTFS file recovery in the free mode, where the tool will show you what files can be recovered.

At each recovery step, the program comes up with the best suggestion, so there's no need to rack your brain over it. When there is a choice, an algorithm warns about unsafe actions during the time you are undeleting NTFS files. DiskInternals NTFS Recovery™ is efficient even in the NTFS file recovery free mode. To undelete a NTFS partition, you need to go through four simple steps:

  • Select the source
  • Scan for files
  • Preview recorded data
  • Save restored files and folders

How to Restore Deleted NTFS Files and Prevent Hard Drive Reformatting

To prevent hard drive reformatting and restore deleted NTFS files, be careful. Run SMART monitoring, install software to monitor your drives, and perform backups. But remember, someday you might need to undelete NTFS files from a reformatted drive, and NTFS Recovery™ for deleted files by Diskinternals will be the best solution to recover NTFS deleted files from a reformatted drive.

Download NTFS Recovery™ and see if you are able to undelete NTFS files.

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