Mail Recovery™
All-in-one email recovery
Mail Recovery™All-in-one email recovery

Find and Recover Email after a System Crash

If your computer crashes, all sorts of data corruption can occur. Email is the most sensitive part of the daily routine. Losing your email archive and the address book would halt your work until the email databases are restored.

How will you respond to the electronic disaster? The usual undelete and data recovery methods likely won’t help you restore the email database in its entirety, and your mail program will refuse opening a corrupted or incomplete email database. If your hard disk is totally out, you’ll be unable to do even that, and will need using partition recovery tools followed by undelete followed by Outlook Express or Windows Mail repair tools. If you don’t use the tools in the right sequence, you’ll lose your email archive forever due to the way data recovery software works.

Sounds complicated? It was until this very moment! DiskInternals has released a mail recovery product that combines the recovery and repair features of all the necessary tools. DiskInternals Mail Recovery is able to locate, recover and fix broken Outlook Express and Vista Windows Mail email databases on severely corrupted and damaged disks in one action.

If your hard disk is seriously damaged, and the file system is non-existent, DiskInternals Mail Recovery is your only chance to get your mail back

If your hard disk is seriously damaged, and the file system is non-existent, DiskInternals Mail Recovery is your only chance to get your mail back. The product will scan the entire surface of your hard disk, and literally reconstruct the email databases piece by piece and fragment by fragment, assembling a usable email database in a correct format recognizable by your email program. Not sure if DiskInternals Mail Recovery can handle the job right? The live preview of the lost email messages and their attachments works in the evaluation version so that you can make sure you’re getting the right thing.

Database file corruption happens much more often than complete hard disk failures. Database corruption occurs because of a variety of reasons, even for no reason at all. If your Outlook Express mail folder gets greater than 2 Gb, Outlook Express will stop recognizing the database. DiskInternals Mail Recovery will fix the problem by splitting the file into several smaller folders. Sounds easy? Try cutting the database file by hand and see what happens!

DiskInternals Mail Recovery can easily repair a corrupted database after Outlook Express or Windows Mail crashes, doing so in a much more efficient manner than the built-in crash recovery tools.

Deleted a database file or the whole user identity? You can still recover the entire email archive complete with the address book and all messages with attachments. In this case, DiskInternals Mail Recovery works as a sophisticated undelete tool that is pre-aimed at email database files, allowing you fast and easy recovery of email.

DiskInternals Mail Recovery supports Microsoft Outlook Express and the new Vista Windows Mail, ensuring that your investment will work today as well as tomorrow. Download an evaluation version now from for absolutely free!

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