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DiskInternals Research announces the release of Diskinternals MySQL Recovery, an all-in-one recovery tool for database administrators. MySQL Recovery is the first commercially available database recovery solution to provide the ability to locate and recover partial segments of InnoDB databases if no file system is available. Sophisticated recovery algorithms are used to repair corrupted databases, allowing database administrators extracting usable information from fragmented, partial and badly corrupted MySQL databases.

Diskinternals MySQL Recovery MyISAM and InnoDB formats, and supports Unicode character set and all national symbols. For InnoDB databases, a special signature-search algorithm is employed to allow recovering database segments from disks that are missing the file system, such as formatted, repartitioned, and inaccessible drives. Full auto and manual modes are supported, offering experienced database administrators a highly sophisticated and very flexible database recovery solution. In manual mode, MySQL Recovery allows re-creating missing database structures as well as reconstructing partial InnoDB databases. Diskinternals MySQL Recovery recovers tables and structures, supports all data types except Bit, and supports visual pre-recovery previews for records and blobs of picture, text, and document types.

When exporting recoverable data, MySQL Recovery can produce SQL dumps, export data into SQL scripts while linking large blobs as external files. Data can be exported into a running MySQL server or converted to MS SQL format.

Up to 2 GB per record can be recovered. MySQL Recovery supports all national character sets as well as Unicode. Both free and full versions of Diskinternals MySQL Recovery come with pre-recovery preview, enabling the preview of database records before recovery.

Pricing and Availability

Diskinternals MySQL Recovery ships immediately for $99 per license. A Windows PC running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows is required. A free evaluation download is available at http://www.diskinternals.com

About DiskInternals Research

Established in 2003, DiskInternals Research develops and markets a wide range of end-user data recovery tools for Windows. The company’s products range from simple undelete tools to complex information recovery systems allowing users to reconstruct failed RAID arrays, fix corrupted FAT and NTFS partitions, recover and repair damaged office documents and email databases.

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Free evaluation version of Diskinternals MySQL Recovery is available at http://www.diskinternals.com/