Update in Windows 10 leads to file loss

You might be excited to download the latest Windows 10 update from Microsoft at the earliest opportunity. But guess what! You download and install the Windows 10 update and your “My Documents” folder just disappears. Your files are now lost. As many Windows 10 users are discovering, their data in the "My Documents" folder has disappeared, including reports, photographs, and music after the latest Windows 10 upgrade. Many people are saying that the problem has something to do with OneDrive. A few people have proposed that the data synchronized to OneDrive is the most likely to be secure and survive the update.

The issue with vanishing documents has been broadly discussed on social media since the beginning of October 2018 by many Windows users, including on Reddit and Twitter; one user shared a very bad experience on Microsoft’s official forum that he had lost up to 220 GB of information after the update. It has affected all kind of data like archives, music, and photographs.

This is mind-blowing for Microsoft Windows users and not at all like anything that has happened before. But the Windows 10 update is already here and this seems to be a serious issue.

Windows 10 Features from the Update in October 2018

Microsoft's new Windows 10 update, formally dispatched on October 2, offers a number of new features:

  • The File Explorer got a new dark theme, which can be enabled from the “Settings” menu.
  • Microsoft Edge is now very much improved and can be your regular browser, not just a way to download Chrome or Firefox. On the other hand, Microsoft claims that the use of Edge prolongs your battery life than the competitors, also proven to be true.
  • Cloud Clipboard allows you to view the hyperlinks, pictures, and typescript you’ve cut and pasted and enables you to use them again. The option is very appealing once you get used to it. Go to Settings > System > Clipboard; there you will see two options: “Clipboard History” and “Sync Across Devices”. You have to be signed in to your Microsoft account to get this feature. Press "Windows + V" to get access to the clipboard history.
  • Cortana has been improved to show a wider menu and more relevant search results.
  • The new phone app can be used to easily synchronize your data between your computer and mobile devices.
  • Previously available only on the Windows Store, Font Maker is now pre-installed on Windows. You can use it to make simple fonts on your computer. It works better with touch laptops because you can make fonts of your own handwriting.

Importance of Backing up Files before Upgrading to Windows 10

Before you begin the Windows 10 recent upgrade, it is strongly recommended that you back up all the files on your computer. If you start the upgrade without a proper backup, you might lose your important data. Sudden PC accidents could harm or even erase your data, so you ought to back up everything before you upgrade. The new update for Windows 10 is certainly not a basic Windows refresh, but rather a clean rollout of new software and the procedure could wipe out much of your data, including vital documents or information.

What to Do if Your Files Are Lost after the Windows 10 Update

You still have a good chance of bringing your files back. Download for free DiskInternals Uneraser™ or Partition Recovery™, and start the file recovery process to restore all the files that Windows just wiped out without your intent. Given that the files are in good health (depending on how quickly you react to the problem and attempt to recover the data), it is your ultimate option for restoration of deleted files. You don’t need to be a computer pro to use DiskInternals Uneraser™ or Partition Recovery™. With its user-friendly interface and sophisticated design, you can undelete files of any type without difficulty. You’ll not only be able to recover the files but entire folders too. It can recover files even from formatted disks during Windows installation or when partitions are changed.

The Conclusion

Installing a new Windows update may be essential to equip your computer with the latest security updates, but it often turns into a disaster when you don’t have a data backup. It is good to have your files backed up before installing a new Windows update (the reality is that the majority of users don’t do that). If you don’t have a backup (in the case of a forced upgrade), your last silver bullets are data recovery tools, more precisely DiskInternals Uneraser™ and Partition Recovery™. You can use this advanced recovery software to quickly recover all your important files: documents, video, music, archives or any other type easily.

Instead of P.S.

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