DiskInternals Recovers EFS-Encrypted Files and Folders

DiskInternals Research announces the release of Diskinternals EFS Recovery, a data recovery tool that enables the recovery of lost and deleted files and folders from Windows Encrypted File System (EFS). The new product is the first commercially available tool to reliably recover information from encrypted volumes located on corrupted, formatted, or inaccessible partitions as well as damaged and repartitioned hard drives.

Diskinternals EFS Recovery is fully compatible with EFS encryption used in Windows 7 and 2008 Server R1/R2, Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, and Windows Vista, and allows accessing protected information stored on EFS-encrypted volumes even if the disk has been moved into a different PC, or if accessed with an earlier version of Windows. Diskinternals EFS Recovery recovers data from all kinds of media including internal and external hard drives, all types of RAID arrays and Dynamic Disks with or without the original RAID controller present.

About Diskinternals EFS Recovery

Diskinternals EFS Recovery allows recovering protected files and folders from EFS partitions created by Windows 7, 2008 Server R1/R2, Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, and Vista. The tool can be used to recover deleted files, extract encrypted information from healthy and damaged NTFS partitions, including those stored on SSD drives and RAID arrays. For EFS volumes located on RAID arrays, the original RAID controller is not required.

The new EFS recovery tool comes handy when a disk with protected files has been moved to another PC with the same or different version of Windows. Diskinternals EFS Recovery supports all types of upgrade and downgrade scenarios, allowing users to access their protected information even if they downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP.

Diskinternals EFS Recovery offers fully automated data recovery for all types of EFS partitions, locating and recovering deleted files and folders from healthy, damaged, and even inaccessible disks and partitions. The correct user account password is required to recover the files. If the account password has been changed any time in the past, one of the previously used passwords can be entered into Diskinternals EFS Recovery to recover encrypted information.

Diskinternals EFS Recovery is the first commercially available tool to support company's trademark PowerSearch technology. PowerSearch enables users to successfully recover files no longer registered in the file system, effectively handling severely damaged hard drives, deleted, corrupted and reformatted partitions. The technology scans the entire volume in order to locate the exact beginning and end of more than 200 supported types of files, recovering documents, ZIP and RAR archives, images, music, video and other types of information.

Both full and free versions of Diskinternals EFS Recovery come with built-in pre-recovery preview, enabling users to preview recoverable files in live mode. The preview can display documents and pictures, play back video and audio files, and enter compressed archives.

About DiskInternals Research

Established in 2003, DiskInternals Research develops and markets a wide range of end-user data recovery tools for Windows. The company's products range from simple undelete tools to complex information recovery systems allowing users to reconstruct failed RAID arrays, fix corrupted FAT and NTFS partitions, recover and repair damaged office documents and email databases.

Free evaluation version of Diskinternals EFS Recovery is available at http://www.diskinternals.com/