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Disk properties

The Partition tab contains the information about the selected disk.

Partition size - the disk size in bytes.
Free space - the free disk space in bytes.
File system - file system type. It can take one of the values (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS).
Image file - if it is an image of the disk that is mounted, this field will contain its name.

The Physical Disk tab contains the information about the physical media (hard drive, flash disk, Digital Camera, etc.)

Capacity - medium capacity.
Heads - the number of heads.
Cylinders - the number of cylinders.
Sectors per track - the number of sectors per track on you drive.
Total sectors - the number of sectors on your drive.
Bytes per sector - the size of a sector. Usually it is 512.
Number of partitions - the total number of partitions on the drive (including Linux and other partitions).
Partition letters - the letters of partitions located on the drive. 2003-2017 DiskInternals Research. All right reserved. Privacy Policy.